For educational institutions

Management can also access data; but not on individual teachers. Why?

Opinoma provides a safe assessment environment for educators, which is an important factor in ensuring the quality of assessments. We’ve conducted many interviews with educators and schools, and it’s clear that some educators have some resistance to evaluation because they see it as a performance measurement and management tool. It is therefore important to emphasize that Opinoma assessments are designed to create a safe assessment environment where the teacher chooses who can see their results.

So, when educators create an assessment on the Opinoma platform, they can control who can see their results, and the results are kept confidential and only shared with the individuals and teams the educator chooses to share them with. This gives teachers peace of mind and reduces any nervousness about evaluation as ‘monitoring’.

Even though teacher performance is not visible to management, there is still access to overall figures on e.g. grade level, subject level and class level so that the institution can use the assessment data for organizational learning. Our focus is on creating an assessment process that is positive and constructive for educators and contributes to a more successful learning experience for students.

We recommend that management has confidence that our evaluation system is designed to ensure a safe evaluation environment for educators while providing the institution with the necessary data for organizational learning and school management.

Access to Opinoma

When your educational institution uses Opinoma, you get two types of access roles – one for teachers, one for administrators/management. All roles access Opinoma via your personal login page and domain.

The administrator can create classes, courses (create your own or choose which of Opinoma’s generic courses suit your educational institution). The administrator is also responsible for inviting your teachers to the platform and can select and deselect the questionnaires that teachers should have access to.

Management can access overall reports on the student-generated responses in categories such as subjects, questionnaires and years – but not at the teacher level, or in ways to calculate which teacher the data relates to.