Teachers can create a new assessment from templates in minutes

– but you can also create your own without compromising on Opinoma’s features. See a draft of our templates and read more about how you can work with questionnaires in Opinoma.

Teaching evaluation
Examples of our teaching evaluation templates: Module Evaluation, Weekly Evaluation, General Teaching Evaluation, Extended Teaching Evaluation
… and many more

Focus metrics
Examples of our focus measurement templates: Well-being, Motivation, Relationships, Form and Framework, Teaching Environment, Homework Pressure
… and many more

Other measurements
Workplace assessment (APV), Employee satisfaction survey (MTU), Educational environment assessment (UMV)

Are you missing something?
You can also create your own templates in Opinoma and we’re happy to help you develop the questionnaires.

Customize your assessments to match specific training needs

At Opinoma, you can also create your own questionnaires instead of using our templates. It’s easy and intuitive to do this on the platform, and you can customize the assessment to match specific learning needs and goals. With this flexibility, you can still take advantage of Opinoma’s data analysis tools and visualization features to optimize learning.

Customization and flexibility: Opinoma’s benchmarking configurator

Opinoma’s benchmarking configurator allows you to create and customize your own rules and benchmarks for use in your evaluations. You can set which feedback or article icons to display if a user scores above or below a certain benchmark or normal frame. We believe that customization and flexibility is the key to success, and the benchmarking configurator is an important part of our service to achieve this goal.

Get accurate answers with our visually appealing questionnaires

Opinoma’s questionnaires are designed to be engaging and effective while ensuring reliable results. Our team of experts developed the questionnaires to be colorful, interactive and visually appealing.

The question frame is accessed at your unique URL with logo, via a six-digit PIN code in the browser on your computer or phone.

Enough about questionnaires: Opinoma also provides useful feedback

Discover Opinoma’s innovative feedback methods and gain insight into the innovative functionalities for competence development.