A safe assessment environment for educators

Opinoma is designed to create a safe and confidential assessment environment for educators. When you create an evaluation on the Opinoma platform, you will have full control over who can see the results. You can rest assured that your results will be treated confidentially and only shared with the people you choose to share them with. No one else will have access to your results unless you choose to share them.

This unique system means educators can evaluate their teaching in a more open and safe way. Educators can rest assured that their results will not be published without their consent, and they can trust that their data will be treated confidentially and professionally.

The educational institution and management also have access to the results, but they can only pull overall figures on e.g. grade level, subject level and class level. Management can’t choose to see the course results of a specific class, as they can figure out who the teacher is.

To help educators get the most out of their assessments, we recommend pulling a report on the visualization over time. These reports can be used as documentation in e.g. Performance reviews where teachers can showcase their pedagogical development and results with their classes.

With Opinoma, educators can evaluate their teaching in a safe and confidential environment and get important feedback from their students. This is important in order to develop and improve teaching and ensure that students receive the best possible education.