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Discover Opinoma’s innovative feedback methods and gain insight into the innovative functionalities for competence development.

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Opinoma’s results video is a thorough and innovative feedback experience

Opinoma’s results video is designed to provide educators with a comprehensive feedback experience based on the results of the assessment. Our use of the video format ensures that the trainer receives the most meaningful feedback, as research shows that video recording provides a high level of information absorption. The results video presents the feedback in an engaging and easy-to-understand way, highlighting both successes and opportunities for improvement, helping educators identify areas where they can improve their teaching.

Identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement

Opinoma allows educators to see where students’ answers lie in relation to the normal framework for specific topics and questions. This helps educators identify where they have had successes in teaching and where there is room for improvement. With small pieces of feedback, educators can quickly get an overview of the results and gain a better understanding of how students have experienced the class.

The evaluation shows that the teacher is good at motivating students. The teacher gets the feedback: “You’re good at motivating your students!”

Professional development for teachers with Opinoma’s article and activity library

When educators want to work on the improvement opportunities, they can click on icons to access articles and activities that contribute to development in those areas. This benefits the educational institution, teachers and students alike, as work can be done to improve the teaching and learning environment. Opinoma offers didactic articles and activities for educators, and the educational institution can also upload their own material to tailor the competence development.

The evaluation shows a need for more group work. Opinoma provides a digital activity folder with four group exercises to generate classroom dialog about the group work.

The evaluation shows that students need to have expectations set for them. The evaluation also shows that this need is not being met. Opinoma provides the didactic article “Setting expectations for your students”.

Follow up on previous evaluations and visualize progress with Opinoma

Opinoma makes it easy for educators to follow up on previous assessments and visualize progress over time. The instructor can compare multiple evaluations on visual graphs. In addition, teachers can set a date for the next assessment when they create a new survey. This creates a systematic approach to evaluations and enables continuous improvement of teaching.

A safe evaluation environment for the teacher without compromising on management’s organizational learning

For the educator: A safe assessment environment

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For educational institutions: Organizational learning

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